Current Issue

(Vol. 3 No. 1 – March 2019)

Ameliorative effects of coconut oil on the ovaries of refinery effluent intoxicated Norwegian rats

Ekaye S., Uwagie-Ero E. A. and Aghayedo C. O.

Evaluation of the Feasibility of the Use of Bamboo as Potential Reinforcement in Concrete Beams

Osuji S. O. and Kayode-Ojo N.

An Assessment of the Reliability of the NIGNET Data

Ayodele E. G., Okolie C. J. and Mayaki O. A.

Residents’ Awareness and Aspiration for Smart Building Features: The Case of Okota, Lagos, Nigeria

Oyewole M. O., Araloyin F. M. and Oyewole P. T.