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The Nigerian Journal of Environmental Sciences and Technology (NIJEST / Nig. J. Env. Sci. & Tech.) is pleased to announce that it has started receiving articles for its October 2021 Issue (Vol 5 No. 2).

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ISSN (Print): 2734-259X | ISSN (electronic): 2734-2603      NIJEST / Nig. J. Env. Sci. & Tech.


The Nigerian Journal of Environmental Sciences and Technology (NIJEST) is an Open Access (OA) journal that provides information on the latest and emerging trends and developments in the following ever-expanding subjects particularly in Nigeria:

  • Environmental Sciences
  • Applied Earth Sciences
  • Built Environment
  • Environmental Management and Design
  • Civil Engineering
  • Systems Design
  • Climate, Energy and Environment
  • Materials science and Technology
  • Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
  • Geology (Environmental Geology, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Hydrogeology, Petroleum Geology etc.)
  • Application of ICT to study of the environment

NIJEST is committed to publishing sustainable and high quality research articles, by following a standard peer review process and engaging an Editorial Board whose members are experts in the subject areas of NIJEST. We also ensure that accepted manuscripts are quickly available and accessible online from any part of the world. Articles already published can be accessed here.

As an Open Access Journal, NIJEST makes the final version of an article freely and permanently accessible online for everyone, immediately after publication. There are no financial, legal or technical barriers to accessing articles published in NIJEST. Anyone can read, download, copy, distribute, print, search for and search within the information, or use it in education or in any other way. The authors retain copyright for the articles.

Creative Commons License
All articles published in NIJEST are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Recent Articles Published

Recent Articles Published

Assessment of Heavy Metal Concentration from a Lead-Zinc Mined Pit at Ebonyi State, Nigeria

Nwakanma C., Nmecha C. and Onyeizu R. U.

Waste Disposal Practices and its Environmental Implications

Fakorede C. O., Anguruwa G. T., Ajayi O. B., and Odega C. A.

Effect of Confining Pressures on the Dynamic Response Characteristics of Niger Delta Clay Soils

Okovido J. O. and Kennedy C.

Changes in Anatomical Features of Chromolaena Odorata during Phytoaccumulation of Heavy Metals

Omoregie G. O. and Ikhajiagbe B

Assessment of Adjustments Methods in Traverse Networks for Positioning

Hart L., Basil D. D. and Oba T.

Phenotypic (Fruit and Seed Characters) Selection of Dacryodes edulis (Don. G. Lam H. J.) Tree for Vegetative Propagation

Okonkwo H. O., Ubaekwe R. E., Okeke A. N. and Malizu L. C.

Evaluation of Fire Disaster Emergency Response Capacity using Open-source Data and Response Time Analysis in Ilorin Metropolis

Ahmadu H. A., Idrees M. O., Omar D. M., Yusuf A., Ipadeola O. A., Alade A. K. and Abdulyekeen A. O.

Designing a Real-time Swept Spectrum Analyser with USRP B210

Bello N. and Ogbeide K. O

Designing a Spectrum Allocation Chart for Nigeria

Bello N. and Edeko F. O.

An Assessment of the Relevance of Mapping and Sampling of Land-Use Types on Groundwater Quality in Apapa Local Government Area, Lagos State, Nigeria

Agbebaku H. U.

Perception of Residents on the Menace of Solid Waste on Environmental Quality in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria

Agbebaku H. U.

Effect of Fallowed and Cultivated Land Use Systems on the Composition and Abundance of Soil Macroinvertebrates Assemblage in Uruk Osung Community, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Akpan A. U., Chukwu M. N., Esenowo I. K., Johnson M. and Archibong D. E.

A Qualitative Study of Time Overrun of Completed Road Projects Awarded by the Niger Delta Development Commission in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

Ogbeide F. N., Ehiorobo J. O., Izinyon O. C. and Ilaboya I. R.

Bio-monitoring of Environmental Toxicants using West African Dwarf Goats at Amawzari Mbano, Imo State, Nigeria

Ogbonna P. C., Dikeogu, E. C., Nwankwo, O. U., Kanu, K. C. and Osuagwu E. C.

Weighted Linear Combination Procedures with GIS and Remote Sensing in Flood Vulnerability Analysis of Abeokuta Metropolis in Nigeria

Oyedepo J. A., Adegboyega J., Oluyege D. E. and Babajide, E. I.

Bacteriological Assessment of Palms of Students of Delta State University, Abraka

Jemikalajah D. J., Enwa F. O. and Etaoghene A. D.

Evaluating the Main Challenges to a Sustainable Physical Environment in Benin City

Onwuanyi, N. and Ojo, E. P.

Analysis of Soil Quality Status and Accumulation of Potentially Toxic Element in Food Crops Growing at Fecal Sludge Dumpsite in Ubakala, Nigeria

Ogbonna P. C., Okezie I. P., Onyeizu U. R., Biose E., Nwankwo O. U. and Osuagwu E. M.

Discuss Articles Published in NIJEST

Discussion of Articles Published in NIJEST

NIJEST encourages discussion of articles published, especially where the reader feels the contribution is significant in improving the quality of the published article for the benefit of other readers and the wider academic community.

To discuss any article published in NIJEST, please send up to 500 words to the editor-in-chief through the email:

Your contribution will be sent to the author(s) for a response. On consideration and approval by the editorial board, both your contribution and the author’s response will be published as discussion in the next issue of NIJEST.

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