We are pleased to inform you that the Nigerian Journal of Environmental Sciences and Technology (NIJEST) is now a member of Crossref. As a result, papers published with NIJEST are now being assigned unique digital object identifiers (DOIs), with DOI prefix: 10.36263
This has allowed us to assign DOI to papers published with us both in the current issue and all past issues. Authors are encouraged to quote the unique DOI for their paper when citing and referencing the articles on any platform. To check the DOI for your paper click on  the link(s) below depending on the Volume and Issue that your article was published in:
In addition to been able to assign DOIs, other benefits of being a member of Crossref are:
  1. Allows NIJEST to connect your article with a global network of 13,840 other members from 118 countries and improve discoverability of your article as part of this global network.
  2. Provides NIJEST with the tools to allow people across the scholarly world (and beyond) to find, cite, link, and assess your publications.
  3. Allows NIJEST to actively maximize links with other Crossref members by linking out from the references in your journal articles, (using DOIs retrieved from Crossref), and where possible from other content types too.
  4. Articles are automatically added to profiles of authors on online database such as ResearchGate, Google Scholar, ORCID, etc.
Since we published our first issue in March 2017, this represents a giant milestone in our quest to make NIJEST one of the most reputable and outstanding journal in Nigeria and Africa. We will continue in this quest and will share all achievements with you our esteemed authors and readers who are the most important part of what we do.
We hope you continue to publish with us even as we continue in our efforts to take the journal higher.
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