Vol. 2 No. 1 – March 2018

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Stress and Environmental Health of Women in different Neighbourhoods of Lagos Metropolis

Nwokoro I.I.C., Olayinka D.N.,and Okolie C.J.


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Improvement on the Strength of 6063 Aluminum Alloy by Means of Warm Rolling Operation

Adekunle N.O., Aiyedun P.O, Kuye S.I. and Lawal I.O.


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Evaluation of the Corrosion Rate of Aluminum 6063 in Petrol, Kerosene and Water

Adekunle N.O., Aiyedun P.O., Kuye S.I. and Adetunji R.O.


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Change Detection Analysis Using Surveying and Geoinformatics Techniques

Onuigbo I.C., and Jwat J.Y.


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Hydrogeophysical Survey of Groundwater Development at Okada Community Ovia North – East L.G.A. Edo State

Ehigiator M.O.


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Performance Assessment of Biological Wastewater Treatment at WUPA Wastewater Treatment Plant, Abuja, Nigeria

Chukwu M.N. and Oranu C.N.


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Determination of Conversion Constant between Lagos Datum and Niger Delta Mean Lower Low Water Datum and their Horizontal and Vertical Accuracy Standards using GNSS Observations

Ehigiator M. O. and Oladosu S. O.


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Staff Satisfaction with Workplace Facilities in the School of Environmental Technology, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria

Mbazor D.N., Ajayi M.A. and Ige V.O.


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Validation of Global Digital Elevation Models in Lagos State, Nigeria

Arungwa I.D., Obarafo E.O. and Okolie C.J.


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Heavy Metals in Soil and Accumulation in Medicinal Plants at an Industrial Area in Enyimba city, Abia State, Nigeria

Ogbonna, P.C., Nzegbule, E.C., Obasi, K.O. and Kanu, H.


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Soil Chemical Characteristics in Wet and Dry Season at Iva Long Wall Underground Mined Site, Nigeria

Ogbonna, P.C., Nzegbule, E.C. and Okorie, P.E.


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Linacre Derived Potential Evapotranspiration Method and Effect on Supplementary Irrigation Water Needs of Tomato/Cabbage/Carrot

Emeribe C.N., Isagba E.S., and Idehen O.F.


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Aquifer Mapping in the Niger Delta Region: A Case Study of Edo State, Nigeria

Seghosime, A., Ehiorobo, J.O., Izinyon, O.C. & Oriakhi, O.


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Non-Linear Error Functions Approach to Kinetic Study of Arsenic Removal from Soils using Proteus mirabili and Bacillus subtilis

Atikpo, E., Agori, J.E., Iwema, E.R., Michael, A. & Umukoro, L.O.


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