Vol. 1 No. 1 – March 2017

Journey to Crime Using Dijkstra’s Algorithm

 Olusina, J.O. and Olaleye, J.B.

Environmental Education as a Tool for Sustainable Development: Case study of Lekki-Lagos

 Chukwu, M. N. and Kadafur, S. J.

Time-Lapse Seismic Monitoring of Onshore Reservoirs in Niger Delta, Field ‘K’ as a Case Study

 Ogbamikhumi, A., Tralagba, T. and Osagiede E.E.

Comparison on the Effect of different Light Sources on the Fate of 1,2,3,6-tetrahydro-N-(trichloromethylthio) phthalimide Using LCMS

 Ukpebor, J. E. and Ukpebor, E. E.

Best-Fit Probability Distribution Model for Rainfall Frequency Analysis of Three Cities in South Eastern Nigeria

 Agbonaye, A.I. and Izinyon, O.C.

A Study of the Effects of Architectural Forms on Sound Quality in Church Buildings

 Ediae O.J., Enoma E.P., Igbogbo O.S., Ezema I. C. and Ekhaese E.N.

Determination of a Section of Woji Riverbed Depths for Safe Navigation

 Ekpa, A.U. and Eyakndue, N.I.

Prey Availability or Electivity in the Diet of some Amphibians from Olinlin- Uzea, Esan North East, Edo State, Nigeria

 Ogoanah, S. O. and Enomongale, M. E.

Investigation of the Compressive Strength and Curing Duration of Binary Blend of Groundnut Shell Ash Concrete

 Umasabor, R. I. and Okovido, J. O.

Sorption of Zinc (II) and Copper (II) Ions from Synthetic Wastewater by Yam (Dioscorea Rotundata) Peel Waste Biosorbent

 Akhigbe L.O., Omoregie, D.O. and Ehiorobo, J.O.

Evaluating Competition Constraint on Land Accessibility by Urban Crop Farmers in Lagos

 Odudu, C.O.

Challenges of Rural Industrialization in Edo State

 Komolafe, M. O., Oladokun, T. T. and Iruobe, P. O.

Bathymetric and Volumetric Analysis of Jebba (Hydropower) Dam Harnessing its Capability for Multipurpose Use

 Olushola S.O. and Ehigiator–Irughe R.

Sustainable Environmental Monitoring and Database Development Method for Climate Induced Hazard Management

 Ehiorobo J.O. and Ehigiator-Irughe, R.

The Need for the Inclusion of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in Architectural Design Education in Nigeria

 Ebhomien L. E., Obarisiagbon O., Omorogbe, H. and Omobude, I.F.

Comparative Assessment of the Accuracy of the Elevation differences obtained from different Geomatics Techniques and Instruments

Audu, H.A.P. and Tijjani, M.Y.

Re-establishment of Property Boundary using Geomatics Techniques

 Audu, H.A.P. and Ekun, M.O.

Principal Component Analysis of Urban Expansion Drivers in Greater Lagos, Nigeria

 Abiodun O.E., Olaleye J.B., Olusina J.O. and Omogunloye O.G.

The Use of AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process) as Multi Criteria Decision Tool for the Selection of Best Water Supply Source for Benin City

 Ihimekpen, N. and Isagba, E.S.

An Empirical Study of Nigeria’s Built Heritage: The Lagos National Arts Theatre and Stadium

 Onwuanyi, N., Oyetunji, A.K. and Ogungbenro, M.T.

Geospatial Assessment of Carbon Sequestration in Oluwa Forest, South-West Nigeria

 Makinde, E.O., Ogundeko, M.O. and Womiloju, A.A.