Ogbeide F. N.1,*, Ehiorobo J. O.2, Izinyon O. C.2 and Ilaboya I. R.2

1Utilities, Infrastructural Development & Waterways, NDDC Port Harcourt, Nigeria
2Department of Civil Engineering, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria

*Corresponding Author: nosakhderick@yahoo.com

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 Vol. 5 No. 1  | March 2021 | Pages 271 – 280

https://doi.org/10.36263/nijest.2021.01.0269   |   Cite this article



Time overrun of completed road projects awarded by the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria from its inception in 2000 up to 2015 was studied. Out of 3315 roads awarded, only 1081 roads representing 31.65 percent were completed within the review period. The qualitative study was carried out on randomly selected completed 162 road projects for analysis, and a conceptual model of time series was developed. In developing the regression model, both dependent and independent variables were subjected to normality tests assessed by skewness coefficient, kurtosis value, Jarque-Bera test, residual probability plot, heteroscedasticity test and the variance inflation factor. Also, with knowledge of total road projects awarded by the Commission, it is now possible to predict proportions of roads experiencing schedule overruns.

Keywords: Construction delays, Time overrun, Qualitative studies, Inflation factor

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Ogbeide F. N., Ehiorobo J. O., Izinyon O. C. and Ilaboya I. R. 2021. A Qualitative Study of Time Overrun of Completed Road Projects Awarded by the Niger Delta Development Commission in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Environmental Sciences and Technology, 5(1), pp. 271-280. https://doi.org/10.36263/nijest.2021.01.0269

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