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Application of GIS in Electricity Distribution: A Case Study of part of Ashamu Layout Kosobo, Oyo East Local Government Area, Oyo State Nigeria

Analysis of Household Energy Use and CO2 Emission using Environmental Kuznets Curve

Spatial characterization of noise levels at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria

Bathymetry and Siltation of Oyan Dam, Ogun State, Nigeria

Spatio-temporal Analysis of South Western States of Nigeria using Remote Sensing Techniques

Evaluation of the Environmental Impacts of Electronic-Waste Management in Lagos Using Alaba International Market and Ikeja Computer Village as Case Studies

Effectiveness and Efficiency of Solid Waste Services in Lagos State, Nigeria

Energy Sustainability Paradox: Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities of Solar LED Street Lights in Sokoto, Nigeria

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