Warfare Disaster Ecology: Connecting Warfare Ecology and Disaster Risk Management Curricula

Agheyisi J. E.

Department of Geography and Regional Planning, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria

*Corresponding Author: eduviere.agheyisi@uniben.edu

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 Vol. 6 No. 1  | March 2022 | Pages 101 – 111 |   Cite this article




This paper examines the topics of ecological change induced by war and the interactions between environment and warfare which though have received major attention from warfare ecology but not yet conceptualized as an area of enquiry in disaster risk management studies. This paper therefore compares warfare ecology and disaster risk management in order to bring out some of their more general characteristics with the purpose of greater conversation and collaboration across the two fields. The aim is to develop a new curriculum of ‘warfare disaster ecology’ (WDE) in disaster risk management studies. The objective is to better identify their potential linkages and synergies. This paper is based on desktop review of extant literature on disaster ecology. Criteria for inclusion of the reviewed articles were based on (1) the article’s relevance to the proposed curriculum, and (2) the article’s applicability to disaster risk management. The paper provides justifications for the development and domiciliation of warfare disaster ecology in disaster risk management studies, pointing to research themes and scales at which warfare disaster ecology can be studied. It suggests greater opportunities for interdisciplinary approach and closer connections between warfare ecology and disaster risk management, thereby expanding the curriculum and areas of specialization for graduate students in disaster risk management studies. It proposes a research direction for academics and policy implications of WDE to guide military policy-making and planning, peace-building and conflict resolution, and environmental protection for all the concerned bodies.

Keywords: Armed conflict, Coupled system, Curriculum, Environment, Military

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Agheyisi J. E., 2022. Warfare Disaster Ecology: Connecting Warfare Ecology and Disaster Risk Management Curricula. Nigerian Journal of Environmental Sciences and Technology, 6(1), pp. 101-111. https://doi.org/10.36263/nijest.2022.01.0333

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